Dear Member.

Fleeped has had extensive updates done, if you or someone you know where experiencing issues, this  would of been caused by updates we were working on. Member Profile Layout, Phone Navigation, Desktop Navigation and other website designs all have been updated to be more modern and user friendly.



Many of our members and non members where having issues signing in or even registering, this was caused by small bug in code which was actually overseen by us because it was so small it did not catch anyone's attention.

This bug has now been fixed !!!


Our members will no longer have issues registering or signing in / login in


I would like  to apologise to anyone who was affected by this website bug and if you need to speak to me about it please do so. 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.




As I'm sure many of you noticed we now have

Help and Support Dashboard 


This was mainly designed for request as some of our members needed help or even wanted to know how to do things, as well as FAQ regarding our website. 


Even though Help Dashboard has rolled out we are still working on it to add more content and videos to make it even more easy how to do things.

We hope you enjoy our website and if you like what we doing tell your friends about it.


Fleeped is the only Social Website on the net who are safeguarding family and children. Our aim is to provide actual Safe Social Platform for everyone and not just fir some.


If you have questions, suggestions, need help and anything else do get in touch with me. 


Have lovely Day and Stay Safe