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Important Info About Fleeped

Important Info You Should Know.Please note few things about Fleeped as people asking me this questions over and over.Fleeped is not FB, we do not have anything to do with...

article image 30 March 2020

Major Fleeped Website Updates, News and Bug Fixes

UpdatesDear Member.Fleeped has had extensive updates done, if you or someone you know where experiencing issues, this  would of been caused by updates we were working on....

Frequently Asked Questions

Help with Bullying and Harassment on Fleeped

Please note there are many types of harassment and bullying. If you truly believe you are in imminent danger please call your local Police Law Enforcement. 

Fleeped mainly deals with Harassment and Bullying which accrues on our platform. 


Most common Harassment and Bullying we deal with is. 

Fleeped is here to help anyone who is a victim of Cyber Bullying or Harassment. If you or someone you know gets bullied or is harassed outside our platform please contact appropriate law enforcement team. 


If you need someone to speak with or have no one to talk to or no one understands you and how you feel. We are always here day and night. ( please bare in mind we are human and depending on time zone, we might not reply straight away ) but 100% we will reply to each and every member who needs our help. 

Please click above image to contact us or if your matter is urgent please contact me directly by clicking image below


Thank you

Fleeped Team


My personal info, data protection, harvesting data and other data related answers

My friend said you harvesting and selling data is this true?

Unlike other social sites where you are required to use your real phone number and real email address as well as your real name and info.

Fleeped does not collect any type of information like this or even asks you to provide such information as this is all optional. 


We do not ask for any of the following and following list is optional. 

  • Your real name and surename ( this is only advised for your friends to find you )
  • Your real email ( you can use temp emails available online this is mainly used for notification updates )
  • Your phone number ( optional not needed )
  • Your Location


As you see can see all above is just optional and not mandatory. How can anyone harvest anything if people use optional information? Unlike other larger social sites which recently have been in news for harvesting and selling your data we don't collect any data from you to harvest or sell. So all your information no matter what is safe with us.


If you still concerned and have some questions please do get in touch.

Thank you 

Fleeped Team

What are Pricing and Plans for Go-Pro and VIP and what is it?

Go-Pro is basically Fleeped VIP version they both mean the same thing. 

Here is what you get as well as current price list.

Pro or VIP Membership can be purchased several ways. 


  • You simply pay for it which is most common and easy way to upgrade.
  • You can buy it using FleepCoin. Yep unlike other social websites, we considered the fact that many younger people do not have money so to make it easy for them we have added points system called FleepCoin. You score points based on your activity. For example when you create new post you score 5 points once you saved up the points you can exchange them to purchaise VIP or even promote your page or group without actually needing to spend your own cash. It's basically money you can spend on Fleeped for anything 
Here are list of things where you can earn FleepCoin
  • Creating posts
  • Inviting your friends to Fleeped ( most points are earned here )
  • Reacting to peoples posts
  • Posting comments

So more you are active more FleepCoin you earn. It's as simple as that.


Here are some list where you can spend FleepCoin

  • Buy VIP ( Go-Pro )
  • Buy Advertisment 
  • Buy Page Promotions
  • Buy Groups  Promorions
  • Buy items from market as long as seller approves
  • Send FleepCoin to friends or family
  • Pay for services offered by other members
  • Pay for anything on Fleeped

What is Fleeped?

Fleeped is new and Improved Social Media/Network Website. It was designed specially as new alternative to other social websites.

Fleeped is more modern, cleaner code and is designed as family friendly and safety of kids first. There will not be and never will be any pornographic or any adult nudity materials or contents, there will be no cyber bullying of any kind ( we have strict security in place and specially designed to safeguard all our members )

Our many priority before anything else to provide safe platform for everyone no matter what age or gender. Here are some of the reasons what makes Fleeped obvious choice for our members. 

  • Clean and modern design
  • Anti bullying
  • Fully family friendly
  • No adult meterials or content
  • Really easy to use
  • Send fun and cool gifts
  • Post messages with pictures
  • Fully customize your profile
  • More reactions then any other site
  • Create Pages or Groups
  • Sell or Buy items
  • Create FundRaisers
  • Find or invite your friends
  • Find members nearby
  • Explore what's new
  • Easy to contact support
  • Check who visited your profile
  • Create events
  • Play games
  • Search or Create Jobs
  • Browse members in common 
  • Earn rewards ( under construction )
  • Much Much More...


Above is only small example what we offer at Fleeped there are many other reasons why many members who sign up love the site and what we doing.





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